Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing

Love the look of cedar shake? Synthetic cedar shake roofing is a new advancement in roofing technology. Synthetic cedar shakes are the answer to some of the concerns homeowners may have about traditional cedar shake roofing. 

What is Cedar Shake Roofing?

Cedar shake roofing is made of real cedar wood that is either rough and resembles hand or axe split shakes, or can be uniform and machined and appear like shingles. Unlike asphalt shingles, cedar shakes are natural and biodegradable, making them a great environmental choice for your roof. 


What is Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing?

Sometimes known as composite cedar roofing or faux cedar roofs, synthetic cedar shake roofing is made of a durable resin that’s constructed with realistic grooves and grain patterns to similar the look of cedar shakes or shingles.

Our synthetic shakes capture the authenticity and craftsmanship of hand-split shakes but with increased durability, a class-A fire rating, and a lifetime warranty for residential homes. Synthetic shakes are less prone to rot than traditional cedar shakes. 

Like traditional shakes, synthetic cedar roofs can capture the variations in widths and variations in shakes, creating an indistinguishable product that lasts a lifetime. 

How Long Does Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing Last?

Our synthetic cedar shake roofing product has a limited lifetime warranty for residential homes, and a 50 year warranty for commercial properties. It lasts almost twice as long as a traditional cedar shake roof. 

Want an alternative to cedar shake roofing? Let us give you a quote for synthetic cedar shingles today!

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Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing

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