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Storm Damage Repairs

Roofing and Siding Storm Damage

Even small storms can cause big damage. Don’t worry. Volpe Enterprises has a complete storm repair team to help you! Our experienced professionals are equipped to handle any storm-related issues swiftly and efficiently. From assessing the damage to providing timely storm damage repairs, we’ll make sure your property is restored to its former self. Trust Volpe to be your reliable partner when the storm strikes.

Get A Free Storm Damage Evaluation

If you think you might have storm damage to your roof or siding, give us a call to schedule your free storm damage assessment to determine if there’s sufficient damage to warrant an insurance claim. We’re happy to assist in navigating the insurance process to make sure that your claim is processed accurately. 

Are Storm Damage Repairs Covered By My Insurance?

Storm damage repairs are an unexpected expense.  Did you know that your home insurance might provide coverage for repairs or replacements? Handling an insurance claim can be complex and time-consuming, but we are available to assist you throughout the process. 

Here’s more about what to expect if you have storm damage on your roof.

Our Storm Damage Repair Team

 When you choose Volpe Enterprises, you gain access to a comprehensive range of storm-related services. Our storm team is well-versed in handling various types of storm damage repair, including roof leaks, broken windows, fallen trees, and structural issues. We understand the urgency of storm recovery and work diligently to minimize further damage and secure your property. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ll guide you through the entire restoration process with professionalism and care.

Get A Free Storm Damage Inspection

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Roof Storm Damage

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Whether it’s a few damaged shingles or a tree in your house, we’re prepared. We’ll make sure that your roof is properly repaired and ready to go.

Siding Damage Repair

Storm Damage Siding Repair

Wind and hail can wreak havoc on your siding. We know that siding is the security blanket around your home, and are there to replace or repair it when you need us most. 

STORM DAMAGE Insurance Claim Process

Free Home Inspection

We’ll assess your home for any and all signs of storm damage.  Then, we’ll create a report and help you contact your insurance provider to initiate the claims process.

Adjuster Appointment

You can give us your adjuster’s information or let your adjuster know to contact us to schedule an appointment. We’ll represent you and explain the damage.

Claim Paperwork

Before signing any paperwork from the insurance company, send it to us to make sure that all repairs are being covered by the insurance.

Work Completed!

We’ll complete the repairs or replacements. Then we’ll reach out to the adjuster and let them know that the work is completed.  

Storm Damage Faq

My Roof Is Leaking! What Should I Do?

Repairing roof leaks starts with containing the source of the water if possible.

Usually, this is done by placing a bucket or pot in your attic to capture the water as it falls through the roof.

Act Quickly to Contain the Leak

Not containing the water may prove costly. Allowing water to get into your home can result in damaged ceilings and unsightly water stains. If there are heavy rains, repairing the water damage inside your house can be more expensive than a roof repair or roof replacement. When you’re looking for leaks, remember that the source of a leak isn’t always where the water enters your roof.

Call us for a full roof inspection.

Whether it’s a big leak or small leak, we’ll be able to identify the source and cause of your roof leak.

We’re Here If You Need Us

And if you want a Free Estimate and Inspection, you can always give Volpe Enterprises a call. As one of the top roofing companies in the area, we’ve been in business for over 50 years.

What Does Hail Damage On A Roof Look Like?

Here are some common signs of hail damage on a roof:

1. Dents or cracks: Hailstones can cause visible dents or cracks on asphalt or composite shingles. The damage may appear as small, black depressions or punctures on the surface of the shingles.

2. Missing granules: Hail impact can dislodge granules from asphalt shingles, leaving bare spots or exposing the underlying material. You might notice areas where the shingle surface looks smoother or has a different color due to missing granules.

3. Split or fractured shingles: Intense hailstorms can cause shingles to split or break along the grain lines. This can result in shingles with visible gaps or sections that appear lifted or separated from the roof.

4. Soft spots or bruising: In some cases, especially with wood or composite shingles, hail can cause soft spots or bruising on the roof surface. These areas may feel spongy or yield under slight pressure.

5. Cracked or broken tiles: For roofs with clay or concrete tiles, hail impact can cause cracks or fractures in the tiles. The damage may be evident through visible cracks or even missing sections of the tiles.

6. Damaged flashing: Hailstorms can also affect the flashing, which is the metal material used to seal joints and prevent water penetration around chimneys, vents, and other roof protrusions. Hail can cause dents, bends, or tears in the flashing, compromising its effectiveness.

It’s worth noting that hail damage may not always be immediately apparent from ground level. If you suspect hail damage after a storm, we recommend a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the damage and determine if any repairs or replacements are necessary.

What Does Wind Damage On A Roof Look Like?

Missing or loose shingles may be the biggest sign that you have wind damage on your roof, but there are some other areas that can be affected. Here are some common signs of wind damage on a roof:

1. Missing or loose shingles: Strong winds can lift and remove shingles from the roof surface. This results in visible gaps or exposed areas where the shingles are missing. Shingles may also become loose and start to flap or curl up at the edges.

2. Damaged or displaced flashing: Wind can dislodge or damage the metal or rubber flashing around chimneys, vents, skylights, and other roof penetrations. 

3. Lifted or cracked ridge caps: The ridge caps, which are the peaked sections along the ridges of the roof, can be susceptible to wind uplift. If the wind is strong enough, it can cause the ridge caps to lift or crack.

4. Bent or broken gutters and downspouts: Wind gusts can put strain on gutters and downspouts, causing them to bend, crack, or become detached from the roofline. 

5. Damage to roof vents: Roof vents, such as turbine vents or static vents, can be damaged by strong winds. They may become dislodged, broken, or have their covers blown off. 

6. Leaks and water stains: Wind damage may not always be immediately visible. Over time, water can infiltrate through compromised areas and cause leaks or create water stains on the ceilings or walls inside the building.

If you suspect wind damage to your roof, it’s essential to have it inspected to assess the extent of the damage. Prompt attention to wind damage can help prevent further deterioration and protect the structural integrity of your roof.