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Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles now make up the majority of the residential roofing market and for good reason. They have several advantages over the older, three-tab style asphalt shingle.

They’re more durable and longer-lasting due to their heavier weight and multi-layered design. This means that architectural shingles are less likely to be damaged by wind, hail, or other weather events.

Architectural Shingles are available in a wider range of colors and styles that can mimic traditional types of roofing, or introduce new colors like reds and blues to your roof, allowing you to choose a design that complements the style of your home. Architectural shingles can also increase the value of your home due to their high-quality appearance and long-lasting performance.



The primary function of any roof is to protect your family, your home, and its valuable contents against inclement weather.

Choosing the type of roofing shingles to put on your home is a crucial decision-making process because you want to protect what matters most to you for years to come.

The roof shingles you decide on for installation can take the exterior of your home to the next level and boost your home value and aesthetic appeal.

When you’re thinking of roof replacement, you may be surprised to find that there are several types of roof shingles, each with its own benefits.

Since a roof installation will last for decades, the type of shingles you choose is an important decision for safety, comfort, and your home’s curb appeal.

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In recent years, enhancements to the dimensional shingle have resulted in a new generation of high-quality asphalt roofing products. With distinctive, often dramatic, appearances, these advancements were the start of an entirely new product: architectural roofing shingles. Also known as laminated or dimensional shingles, they are among the highest quality roofing products made.



One of the perks of architectural shingles is that they mimic popular styles like slate or cedar shakes.

Architectural shingles are also capable of imitating the look of natural slate tiles, lightweight without the weight issues that normally accompany that material. Because of this, they don’t require the additional roof support that natural slate tiles would.

Because of their unique malleability, they provide a stunning three-dimensional appearance for roofing material.



Architectural Shingles are a new type of asphalt shingles that are more durable than the traditional three-tab shingle that has been used for decades.


Traditionally, asphalt shingles are composed of a base mat that is saturated with asphalt and coated with ceramic-coated mineral granules.

Architectural asphalt shingles are made with multiple layers of the heavy fiberglass mat base and ceramic-coated mineral granules that are tightly embedded in carefully refined, water-resistant asphalt. In other words, the shingles are made up of two or more layers of asphalt fused together with a layer of fiberglass or other material sandwiched in between. 

Asphalt is the primary raw material in many roofing products, including traditional three-tab shingles and the more modern architectural shingles. It is a cost-effective option that is tough, flexible, and waterproof.

Are Architectural Shingles Asphalt?

Architectural Shingles are one type of Asphalt Shingle. It’s known by many different names, including laminated shingles and composite shingles.


Architectural shingles come in amazing colors and textures that better accent steep roof planes, turrets, and gables. Many product lines offer hip and ridge pieces that can highlight a section of the roof and complement the shingles.

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Wind Resistant

High winds cause damage to roofs by bending the shingles upward, causing them to shear and break off. Due to their thicker and heavier construction, architectural shingles naturally resist higher wind speeds.

Architectural shingles are very durable and some premium architectural shingles often feature 130 mph wind ratings!

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Some architectural shingles come with special, highly reflective granules that reduce the roof’s temperature by reflecting more UV rays back into the atmosphere. This can reduce demands on a cooling system during summer months and save homeowners money.


How Long Do Architectural Shingles Last?

Because of the architectural shingles strength and high-quality composition, they generally have a longer lifespan. Architectural shingles stand up better to weather conditions such as heat, snow, ice, rain, and strong winds.

Their average lifespan is about 18 to 20 years. However, they may last up to 30 years under optimal conditions.


Are Architectural Shingles More Durable? 

The contoured look that makes these shingles so popular also adds an additional layer of strength. The added layers of dimensional thickness, coupled with the more staggered and staged the shingles are laid, offer better wind resistance and light reflection.



Besides a greater curb appeal, longer warranty, improved home resale value, wind resistance, and impact durability, architectural shingles are undeniably a superior product and better option than traditional, three-tab asphalt shingles.



Overall, architectural roofing shingles have their distinct strengths and weaknesses; therefore, your needs, style, cost and budget should all play a role when determining the best choice for your roofing project.

When looking at architectural roofing versus another shingle type, count on the experts at Volpe Enterprises, Inc. to help you assess your options.

We know that a new roof is a significant investment, and homeowners want to feel confident when planning.

Whenever you make a major decision about your home, it is helpful to get an expert opinion. Please contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation.    

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