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Volpe Enterprises, Inc understands that from time to time, home exteriors fail. Age, sun, and storms can all wreak havoc on your siding, roofing, and gutters. You don’t have to worry, though, Volpe Enterprises has your back. We’ll come out and provide you with an inspection of the damage, an estimate, and a recommendation if it can be fixed or if needs to be replaced.

Reasons to choose Volpe for your repair needs:

  • With over 50 years of experience, we’re qualified to handle even the toughest repairs.
  • We’re licensed and insured.
  • We use the highest quality materials.


Siding repairs are an important aspect of maintaining the exterior of a property. Siding protects a building from the elements, including wind, rain, and snow, and helps to insulate it from temperature changes. Over time, siding can become damaged due to weather, wear and tear, or other factors, which can compromise its effectiveness. Repairing damaged siding is important to prevent water damage, pest infestations, and other issues that can arise if the siding is left unattended. Siding repairs can range from minor fixes such as replacing a few loose or missing pieces, to more extensive repairs such as replacing entire sections of siding. It’s important to hire a professional siding repair company to ensure that the repairs are done correctly and that the siding is properly sealed to protect your property.

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Maintaining the integrity of a property’s roof is crucial, and roofing repairs play a vital role in achieving this. The roof serves as the first line of defense against weather elements, providing protection from rain, wind, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

Despite the roof’s resilience, it can still suffer damage over time due to weather, wear and tear, or other factors. Such damage can lead to leaks that can cause significant water damage to the property’s interior. Roofing repairs come in different forms, ranging from simple fixes such as shingle replacement to complex repairs like fixing a leak or replacing the entire roof.

Engaging the services of a professional roofing repair company is crucial to ensure the repairs are executed correctly and the roof is adequately sealed to safeguard the property. Regular maintenance and repairs can prolong the roof’s lifespan and guarantee optimal protection for the property over an extended period.

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Siding Repair Services

Gutter Repairs

Gutter repairs are an essential aspect of maintaining a property’s exterior. Gutters help to channel rainwater away from the property’s foundation, preventing water damage and erosion. Over time, gutters can become damaged due to various factors, including weather, debris buildup, and wear and tear. Damaged gutters can lead to water damage to the property’s interior, mold growth, and even structural damage. Gutter repairs can range from minor fixes such as replacing a few damaged sections, to more extensive repairs that require replacing the entire gutter system. Regular gutter maintenance and repairs can extend the life of a gutter system and help to ensure optimal protection for the property’s foundation and exterior.

Other Home Repairs

We stand by our products 100% and have some of the best warranties in the industry. However, from time to time, you may need a repair or replacement of a Volpe-installed product, either due to storm damage or breakage. In those cases, we’ll repair our own windows, doors, and other products.