Roofing Products

Roofs are an important part of a home’s maintenance plan. Anyone who has experienced a roof leak knows firsthand, leaks can cause major household disruptions, cosmetic damage and even structural damage in a relatively short period of time. Yet many homeowners often neglect such routine maintenance as replacing worn or cracked shingles, gutter cleaning, roof coating, and even the removal of snow and ice for proper drainage.


Volpe Enterprises, Inc. can provide preventative care for your home with necessary roof coatings, roof inspections, repairing missing shingles, and even periodic gutter cleaning. If you’ve been putting off your roof maintenance, Volpe Enterprises, Inc. can help get you back on track. We provide general assessments, free estimates, and roof certifications that will help keep your roof in top condition. We even provide roof maintenance plans for your convenience.

And, when you find it’s time to replace that roof, Volpe Enterprises, Inc. has qualified craftsmen to install all types of roofing from well known manufacturers like CertainTeed.¬†Volpe Enterprises, Inc. strives to offer our clients the best products and service as possible. Through the years, we have determined which products will out perform the competition and will be best suitable for your needs.¬†Stop by our showroom to sample metal, slate, and architectural fiberglass shingles, learn about warranties offered, and experience personalized service with customer satisfaction in mind.