Which Bathroom Upgrades Increase Your Home’s Value?

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Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. So it makes sense that eventually, if you own your home long enough, your bathroom will need to be renovated.

Considering a bathroom remodel or upgrade? You may be asking yourself if a bathroom renovation will increase your home’s value. And if, so, where can you get the largest return on your investment? 

Bathroom upgrades can improve your home’s value. Certain types of bathroom remodeling projects are worth more than other remodeling projects. For example, even just a fresh coat of neutral paint is worth $5,000 according to one source. 

An article in The New York Times breaks down the value of bathroom renovations by state, with Maine recouping 89% of the initial cost of the remodel and Kansas having the lowest return on investment of 43%. 

Your return on investment is also dependent on your choices. A complete gut remodel will be more expensive in the short term but will give you a higher return on investment than if you just install a tile floor. 

Consider your buyer as you plan for renovations, even if you aren’t going to sell your home immediately. Jet tubs, steam rooms, and other technology can be finicky and turn off new home buyers who might not want to deal with the headache. 

Here are the renovations that will increase your home’s value.

What are the Bathroom Remodeling Upgrades That Add Value?

Replace your old tub with a spa shower – Currently, spa showers are in and tubs are out. (Unless you’re installing a soaker tub). Replacing your tub with a walk-in shower can increase your home’s value.

Upgrade your toilet – Upgrading your toilet to an eco-friendly or low-flow toilet can help reduce your water bill and water consumption. 

Add a bathroom fan – keeping mold and mildew out of your new remodel should be a priority, and a bathroom fan will do exactly that. 

Add storage – While a minimalist bathroom looks stunning, it also lacks a place a to hide day-to-day personal items and toiletries. Adding a custom vanity can create an upscale look while maximizing storage space. 

Add luxury flooring, shower surround, and countertops – Choosing quality materials can help increase your bathroom’s value. Many homebuyers appreciate modern and luxurious bathroom features.

Consider accessibility – Aging in place has become a real trend, and considering accessibility can pay off in your renovation. While specialty items like sit-in tubs won’t appeal to the masses, a walk-in shower or handrails may appeal to buyers who are looking for accessibility in their bathroom.

Renovating Your Bathroom to Increase Your Home Value

Remodeling your bathroom increases the value of the house by an average of 70% of your initial investment. The specific upgrades that will add the most value can vary based on your local real estate market and the overall condition of your home, but by choosing high-quality materials and workmanship, you can make the most of your bathroom renovation.

Ready to remodel your bathroom? Let’s sit down and have a conversation. We’ll go through your options and discuss the upgrades that are sure to increase your resale value. 

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