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As we head into November and the end of the year, we can look back over the bathroom trends that were popular in 2023 while taking a glimpse at the new year of 2024. 

2023 Bathroom Trends Study

Houzz’s 2023 US Bathroom Trends Study was recently released, containing a myriad of data about the bathroom remodeling industry.  From two-flush toilets to energy-efficient LED lights, the Houzz report covers everything you need to know. We’re here to sum it up for you and give you inspiration for your next bathroom renovation. 

There are some trends that aren’t so surprising. The average price of remodeling has increased year over year, while nine out of ten renovators are using professionals to get the job done. Meanwhile, bathrooms are also growing larger, stealing space in the home from closets and bedrooms. 

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Bathroom Functionality Trends

Almost two-thirds of homeowners are actively planning their bathroom remodel around aging needs. Aging in place is an overall home renovation trend, and it’s no surprise to see bathrooms as an extension of that need. From chair-height toilets to grab bars and step-in showers, the bathroom is a primary area of concern for older Americans. This isn’t just a bathroom trend, either. Many homeowners are considering the prospect of aging in place.

When talking about upgrading the actual functionality of the bathroom, the biggest changes during bathroom renovations include adding ventilation, radiant floor heating, and a tankless water heater. Once those changes are accomplished, the biggest area of focus is an increase in shower size. More than a quarter of renovators remove the bathtub, a bathroom trend that has continued for the last few years. 

Bathroom Style Trends

A key part of most bathroom renovations is changing the design style of bathrooms, and transitional style is the most popular style for the second year in a row.  Wondering what transitional style is? It’s simply a mix of two other styles, such as modern and traditional. As for colors, woods of all tones dominate the vanity space, while white continues to be the predominant color for showers, countertops, and walls. 

Custom vanities continue to be a hot bathroom renovation trend with their soft-close drawers and doors. Two out of three of those vanities feature double sinks. 

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Bathroom Sustainability Trends

From LED Lightbulbs to water-efficient features, homeowners cite concerns about the environment as well as long-run cost savings as reasons to embrace sustainability in the bathroom.  New light technology is playing a part with LED lights that require no lightbulb changes and high-tech faucets leading the way. Timeless design is also in style, in an effort to slow the need for future bathroom renovations. 

Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2024

Bathroom renovation trends for 2023 see no signs of slowing down. We expect many of the same considerations and choices about bath remodels in 2024, making now the perfect time to consider a bathroom remodel or complete renovation.

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