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There’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower and standing on a cold tile floor.  One of the reasons that homeowners don’t want tile or stone floors is that they get cold in the winter. However, the invention of radiant floor heating has made it possible for anyone to have a heated floor in their bathroom.

Bathroom floor heating is a popular and comfortable addition to bathrooms, especially in colder climates. It involves installing a radiant heating system beneath the floor to provide warmth.  This process commonly occurs during your bathroom renovation.

An electric radiant bathroom floor heating system consists of a heating element that’s embedded in a mat that’s installed directly underneath the floor tiles. The mats, themselves, are easy to install, although we recommend professional installation due to the electric element of the project. 

You may think that you’re limited to just ceramic or tile if you want a bathroom heated floor. While ceramic and tile are by far the best flooring to use if you want radiant floor heating, several different types of flooring can be used, including wood, vinyl, low pile carpet and laminate flooring. 

Are Heated Floors Worth It?

It depends largely on your budget and personal preference, but yes, heated bathroom floors are worth the investment.  They’ll increase the resale value of your home, and are energy efficient. In Southeastern PA, where winters are cold, heated bathroom flooring can add supplemental heat to a cooler room. More importantly, perhaps, they add a sense of luxury to your daily bathroom routine. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Heated Bathroom Floors?

Pros of Bathroom Floor Heating

  • Comfort: The warmth radiating from the floor provides a comfortable and cozy feeling, especially during colder months.
  • Energy Efficiency: Radiant heating systems are generally considered energy-efficient because they directly heat the floor and the surrounding area, avoiding heat loss through ducts.
  • Space Saving: Since the system is installed beneath the floor, it doesn’t take up any additional space in the bathroom.

Cons of Bathroom Floor Heating

  • New Construction Only: Radiant floor heating requires that you rip up your existing floor to install the electric mat. 
  • Professional Installation:  While some systems can be installed yourself, it’s best to hire a professional with experience in installing heated bathroom flooring.
  • Flooring Compatibility: Not all flooring materials support heated floors. Contact the manufacturer to ensure that the flooring material you choose is compatible with the heating system. 
  • Cost: The cost of a heated bathroom floor is generally more expensive than installing 

Bathroom Heated Flooring

Bathroom floor heating is a modern invention that allows you to have a warm bathroom floor every morning. Easily installable during a bathroom remodel, it provides comfort, energy efficiency, and is space saving, since there’s no need for vents or a radiator. They increase the value of your home, and, over time, will pay for itself.

Heated Flooring Installers Near You

Volpe Enterprises installs bathroom floor heating as an option for your bathroom remodel. Located in Southern Pennsylvania, we remodel bathrooms in the Chester and Montgomery County areas. Talk to us today about having your bathroom remodeled with heated flooring.

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