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Leaf Relief®

Alcoa’s patented gutter protection system

When you install Leaf Relief®, you are putting an end to clogs, overflows, and gutter cleaning with a system that is invisible from the ground.  In trial after trial, on homes just like yours Leaf Relief® has proven effective in eliminating debris build up, preventing clogs, and allowing water to flow freely, even in extreme weather conditions.

When you are considering purchasing a gutter protection product, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Does the product end frequent maintenance involved with keeping your gutters clean and free flowing?
  • Is the product sturdy?
  • Does the product screw or nail into the roof, which could void the roofing warranty?
  • Does the product look good on your home?
  • What kind of warranty does the product have?

With these questions in mind, why should you choose Leaf Relief® over other gutter protection systems?

Leaf Relief®

The “Other Guys*”

Reduces frequent maintenance

Self-cleaning design

Long length with fewer overlaps

May still require frequent cleaning

Brushes and foams may trap leaves or attract insects resulting in clogs and overflows


Holds up to 858 pounds* (*Based on ATI Testing 2011)

Helps gutters withstand damage from ladders, snow and ice

Doesn’t protect against weight of ladder

Additional weight of guard can cause gutter to sag in the center

Warranty 25 year warranty No warranty or varies

Attaches to the front with screws

Flexible back flap is self-sealing with a custom fit so it doesn’t void any warranties

Can be added to existing gutters

Attached to shingles which may void roof warranty

Inserted right into gutter, can be loose and not custom fitted

May need to purchase new gutters which will increase your cost

Sturdy Made from aluminum or copper Made from foam, mesh screens, plastic, or bristles which may not be the sturdiest materials.

Formulated to resist UV light, mold and mildew

Remains flexible in extreme weather conditions

Plastic can eventually be damaged by UV rays and may need frequent replacing

Foam can become brittle over time and fall apart and may need frequent replacing

Steel cores may rust over time and may need frequent replacing

* Other varieties of gutter guards available (foam, brushes, and mesh screens)




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