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Deciding whether to repair or replace your roof is a significant decision with numerous repercussions. Both roof repair and replacement have unique benefits and shortcomings, and homeowners must choose wisely.

Both repair and replacement are an option for most roofs. So, it becomes up to you, the homeowner, to decide whether to have your roof repaired or if you’d prefer to have your roof replaced. 

While roof repair saves time, money and allows you to maintain a classic roof, roof replacement offers a new, revitalized roof that enhances your property’s look, lasts longer, and addresses all roofing issues. Learn four crucial factors to consider when choosing between roof repair and replacement.

1. Roof Condition

The extent of a roof’s damage determines whether you get a repair or replacement. A repair can resolve minor to moderate roof damage. For instance, a roofing professional can repair a leak in one area or replace a few missing shingles.

On the other hand, extensive roof damage requires replacement. For instance, a new roof is necessary if a tree fell on your roof and ruined a significant part. Similarly, damage by natural disasters like storms and tornadoes may warrant a replacement. Natural disasters are notorious for compromising your roof’s structural integrity and damaging roofing materials.  

The condition of the roof is the most critical factor, and will play a large part in your ability to replace the roof versus needing a new roof. 

Some homeowner’s insurance policies may dictate whether you can repair or replace your roof based on its condition. Older roofs may not pass their level of standards, or may not be eligible for an insurance claim for wind or hail damage. In those cases, a replacement is a must. 

2. Cost

Roof repairs are affordable since they need fewer materials, labor and they have shorter completion periods. Homeowners with a tight budget may consider repairs to keep their roofs in pristine condition and save thousands of dollars.

While roof replacement is a substantial expense, it can save you money in the long term. A new roof will serve you for decades, and you get a return on your investment. Also, it reduces your energy bills and minimizes the frequency and cost of repairs, putting money back in your pocket. Notably, you can lower roof replacement costs by using your homeowner’s insurance or roof warranty.

3. Age

Typically, most roofs are sturdy enough to withstand the elements and harsh weather. However, the roofs wear out over time and reach their expiration date. Once a roof’s lifespan is over, its appearance and functionality deteriorate, and a replacement is necessary. Postponing replacement can be costly because you incur huge and recurrent repair bills and suffer from decreased roof functionality.    

Homeowners who have replaced their roofs recently can still repair any problems like missing shingles, holes, and mold. Nevertheless, when too many repairs are needed, a new roof is better financially regardless of the roof’s age.

New roof technology should be considered as well. Older roofs are using technology from 20-30 years ago and not taking advantage of the latest developments in the roofing industry. Roofing has come a long way in just a few years, and we expect new products and processes to continue to become standard. When we talk about roofing today, we’re really talking about a roofing system, including all the materials that are used with the roof. To keep those materials healthy, you may need to consider a whole new roofing system instead of a repair.

4. Aesthetics

If you want to give your home a facelift, installing a new roof is an excellent option. You revitalize your home and give it visual freshness to enhance its appearance and curb appeal. Such a move can be particularly helpful when you intend to sell your home as it increases your home value

On the other hand, in classic homes, roof repairs instead of replacement help maintain the property’s antique appeal. The more you can preserve the home’s critical components, including the roof, the better you can maintain its architectural integrity. Roof repairs allow you to keep the home as close to its original design and style as possible.   


Ultimately, the age of the roof and its condition will factor in the most when deciding when to replace your roof.  An older roof that is in poor condition should be replaced, while a newer roof that has some minor damage can easily be repaired.

However, choosing between roof repair and replacement depends on your unique roofing needs. Repairs are affordable, time-efficient, and best for roofs with minor problems. On the other hand, severely damaged roofs and those that have reached their life expectancy require replacement. While replacement can be expensive, it lasts longer and saves you money in many ways.

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