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Your roof experiences the wrath of the winter weather, from the tons of snow to the freezing temperatures and turbulent winds and storms. Given this fact, it is fundamental to prepare your roof for this harsh season to keep it in excellent condition, reduce repair bills, and protect your family. Learn some easy but effective ways to get your roof ready for the chilly winter months.  

Inspect Chimney Flashing

Take time to inspect your chimney flashing for any signs of damage or deterioration such as corrosion, missing pieces, holes, bends, cracks, mold, and worn-out shingles.

Whether the damage arose from natural wear, poor installation, or inclement weather, have it fixed promptly. Ignoring flashing problems increases the likelihood of snow and moisture getting into the roof and wreaking havoc.  

Trim Overhanging Branches

Although trees offer much-needed shade during hot months, they pose a threat to your roof and home during winter. For instance, trees can fall on your roof during heavy storms, while overhanging branches can dent it.

Consequently, trim any overhanging branches and trees to protect your roof and home. You can also prune young trees near your home to limit growth and prevent future threats to your roof and property.

Fix Leaks

A leaky roof is catastrophic and can cause property damage, increased heating bills, and slips and falls. The common signs of a roof leak are water stains in the attic, mold problems, and curling roof shingles.

If you suspect your roof leaks, call in a roofing professional to examine and fix the problem as soon as possible. It will save you a lot of headaches and costly repairs during winter.    

Clear Debris

Over time, leaves, branches, and debris accumulate on your roof and can ruin it. For instance, leaves hold moisture, and when they sit on your roof for too long, they promote algae and mold growth. In addition, when it rains, the leaves end up in your gutters and may clog and overload them.

As such, removing debris from your roof is an essential winter preparation task to facilitate healthy water drainage and keep your roof structurally sound. Ensure you have the necessary tools like gloves, masks, ladders, and garden hoses for the task.

As you clear debris off your roof, remember to clean your gutters. Clogged gutters are unsightly and expose your home to water and foundation damage. Consider installing gutter guards if your home is near trees to prevent leaves from accumulating and clogging your gutters. Notably, check your downspouts for blockages and clear any residual buildup.   

Check Your Attic

Your attic is as vital as your roof in several ways. First, roof problems such as leaks and shingle damage are most visible from the attic. Moreover, the attic can give valuable insights into your roof’s condition. For example, wet insulation and severe sagging could signify a worn-out roof that requires replacement.   

Second, attic issues could affect your roof’s health and structural integrity. For instance, a poorly insulated or ventilated attic makes your roof more vulnerable to weather damage since it allows the formation of ice dams. As such, you should inspect your attic regularly to troubleshoot any problems and address them before the winter weather escalates them.

Schedule Professional Inspection

Hiring a roofing professional is an excellent way to prepare your roof for winter. The professional has the knowledge and experience to identify potential roofing problems and determine your roof’s structural integrity.

Any necessary repairs are done before the winter storms begin so your roof is ready to protect your family from the harsh incoming weather. You get peace of mind knowing your roof is in good condition and well maintained so you can enjoy the festivities without any worries.

Whether you need a roof inspection, installation, or repair, contact the experts at Volpe Enterprises, Inc. We pride ourselves on our qualified roofers, quality workmanship, and honest pricing. Our more than five decades of experience allows us to meet all your roofing needs efficiently. 

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