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Elevate Your Backyard Experience With Composite Decking

Whether it’s cocktails by the pool or a grill party behind your house, a deck is a place for relaxing, socializing, and enjoying the outdoor weather. 

If you’ve ever had a wooden deck, you know that it requires regular maintenance to keep it in pristine shape. Without maintenance, rot, mold, mildew, and warping are all issues that can happen over time. This means regular cleaning, plus yearly staining or sealing. 

Fortunately, technology has been developed to create a composite board material that is resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and warping. Known as composite decking, it has made it easier than ever to take care of your deck.

For those who love a deck, but don’t want the hassle of treating and staining it regularly, composite decking is the perfect fit. 

What is Composite Decking? 

Composite decking is a partial or complete synthetic material that lasts longer and performs better than wood in most situations. Made from recycled plastic and wood scraps, composite decking is engineered to be stronger, more durable, and longer lasting than traditional wood decks. 

What Is Composite Decking Made Of?

Composite decking is made of a combination of materials, including wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent. The formula is designed to be stronger and denser than wood. 

Some composite decking is made of PVC, and some is made of recycled plastics, but it can be made of any plastic material. 

How Do You Maintain Composite Decks?

Composite decks are easy to maintain compared to their wooden counterparts. Composite decking can be cleaned by spraying down or power washing your deck. For a deeper clean, we recommend TimberTech’s composite deck cleaner. 

TimberTech Composite Decks

We offer TimberTech composite decking, a product that we feel is the highest quality and value on the market when compared to traditional decking or other composite products. 

TimberTech is resistant to harsh weather conditions and heat from the sun, helping it outlast other composite deck materials. TimberTech’s proprietary technology means a cooler touch and top-rated fire resistance, which is important if you plan on going barefoot or want to use your grill on your deck. 

Composed of materials like PVC pipes, plastic shopping bags, and other plastic waste destined for the landfill, TimberTech’s decking is made of between 60% and 85% recycled materials, depending on the specific deck product. 

Is TimberTech Composite Decking For You? 

Are you looking for a low-maintenance product? Worried about the summer heat on your composite wood boards? Want the guarantees and the lifetime quality that comes with a composite deck? If so, you’ll benefit from composite decking. 

Contact us about TimberTech decking, and we’ll send out a team member who can walk you through the process of your deck installation or replacement from start to finish. We do more than just show you samples and colors. We’ll help you design the perfect deck that brings you and your family enjoyment. 

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