Did you know that broken or clogged gutters can cause significant damage to your roof?

Imagine you are already in need of a roof replacement. Not having new gutters installed along with the new roof will reduce your roof’s lifespan.

If left unfixed for a long time, clogged gutters can cause water build-up. This, in turn, damages the inside and outside of your home. But, most concerning is the detrimental damage this can cause to the foundations.

Keep reading to find out exactly the reason you should invest in new gutters when replacing your roof.

Problems a New Roof Without New Gutters Can Cause

If your gutters are ineffective, you can practically count on your property having significant erosion issues.

Without gutters, the water that flows from your roof can cause soil displacement. Over time, this can cause your property to become unlevel. The water can also collect and pool on your property.

In fact, having ineffective gutters is almost the same as not having any at all!

When you replace your roof without replacing what protects your home and property, the damage is almost inevitable. This reduces your roof’s lifespan.

Why Are New Gutters Necessary?

The primary purpose of new gutters is to provide a protective boundary for your home.

They protect your home’s foundation from water damage. Ignoring faulty guttering could lead to problems more difficult and expensive to fix than simply replacing the gutters would have been. Having new gutters installed along with your roof is a preventative measure.

Faulty guttering can affect your home’s resale value, too. If you plan to put your home on the market soon, ensure your gutters are replaced—especially if you are adding a new roof.

Cost of Potential Damage

Over time, mold and mildew overgrowth and debris build-up cause blocked gutters. In addition, the continual water overflow damages your home’s foundation—particularly if you have a basement or already have structural problems.

How much could these damages set you back?

Of course, it depends on the issue, but you can expect structural damage to cost tens of thousands of dollars. On average, large-scale mold remediation will cost you around $6,000 if water gets inside your home.

Avoid these issues—and the costs associated with fixing them—by investing in gutter replacement simultaneously with a roof replacement.

Get Both to Avoid Problems Down the Road

When you consider just the up-front costs, a new roof and gutters seem like quite the undertaking. However, without adding new gutters to your new roof, you start running up the bill for all kinds of unnecessary home maintenance issues down the road.

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