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Is It Worth It to Replace Old Windows?

Natural light provides us with many health benefits. It improves our mood, lowers blood pressure levels, helps us sleep, and so much more. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that there’s enough sunlight entering our homes. 

Having old windows can prevent that from happening in many ways. Scratches and cracks can prevent sunlight from shining through the window pane as it used to. The fog that often forms on old windows can also cause this issue. 

However, replacing windows can be expensive. The cost ranges from around $300 to $1,000 per window. On top of that, the cost of labor can be around $100 to $300 per window. 

Therefore, one reason alone may not be enough for you to want to pay this cost. If you want more convincing, read on. You’ll learn the reasons window replacement services can be a good idea. 

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

A draft from a missing seal or a crack in the window pane can do more damage than just making your home uncomfortable. It can also cause you to turn up the heat in your home. This will waste energy and cause you to pay more on your energy bill. 

While window maintenance and repair can fix this issue, it may only go so far to make your home more energy efficient. The window options that your home already has may not be as energy efficient as others. Replacing them with new, energy efficient windows may be the best way to reduce your carbon footprint. 

For example, metal window frames are poor insulators as they conduct heat rapidly (this can be mitigated somewhat in certain constructions). In contrast, vinyl frames are much better insulators when they’re filled with insulating material. 

Also, there are many glazes and glass options that can reduce the amount of heat that enters the home as well. For example, spectrally sensitive coatings can block about 40% to 70% of the sun’s heat from entering a building. 

Get Stronger Windows to Protect Your Home

Is your local area often plagued by strong storms? You may think that storm windows are the best option. These are extra windows that are installed over your existing ones so that your home is more protected from the elements. 

However, you can also replace your windows with stronger ones for a similar effect. Many hurricane-resistant window options have glass panes that manufacturers have reinforced. Reinforcement materials include resin, polyvinyl, and polycarbonate. 

In addition, some window frames are more durable than others. This ability will both allow frames to last longer and resist storms better. For example, aluminum and metal frames are more durable than wood and vinyl ones. 

Beyond that, older windows are more likely to be in poorer shape. This state makes them more vulnerable to falling to pieces in intense storms. Window maintenance can only do so much for a window frame that has already deteriorated to a high degree. 

Add to Your Home’s Value 

Replacing windows that are old or old-fashioned can also affect your home’s market value. Replacing the existing windows with something more energy efficient is one way this can occur. You can also get a better value by choosing a type of window that boosts your home’s aesthetic. 

You can see a great example of this value rising on this Remodeling magazine chart. The homeowners were able to recoup 73.4% of the cost of a vinyl window replacement. With a wood window replacement, they were able to recoup 70.8% of the cost. 

However, it’s important to be cautious about the aesthetic aspect of replacing a window. You may end up choosing a window that doesn’t fit your current home’s decor or is of lesser quality than the previous model. This reduction in curb appeal can cause the value of your home to drop. 

You may want to consider getting a professional expert’s opinion on which window styles would be best for your home. A home designer or a window expert may be a good option. You can also ask people you know what style they think would be a good decision. 

Raise the Security Level and Quietness of Your Home

Noise and burglars are two other things that you don’t want invading your home. In many cases, replacing your old windows with other options can make your home quieter and more secure. This can improve your mental health by making you feel safer and more relaxed. 

Noise can’t enter your home as easily if your windows are sealed well and free of cracks. Newer windows are also less likely to shake and rattle in the wind. Beyond that, there are plenty of soundproof window options available, including those with double plane glass. Of course, you can also just add acoustic caulking to the edges of your new window or windows if you prefer. 

An older window is also more likely to break if a burglar forces it. The lock may easily snap open and the glass or frame will fail more easily. A window that’s newer and more reinforced is unlikely to have this problem. 

Also, certain types of glass can make it more difficult for burglars to see inside your home. This might make them less likely to break in as they’re uncertain of what may be inside. Window tinting, which wouldn’t necessarily require a replacement, is another option that can help you with this purpose. 

Let Us Help You Replace Your Old Windows

In sum, replacing old windows can make your home more secure, comfortable, valuable, and energy-efficient. You might not make back your full investment in energy savings and values. However, the cost can be worth the new comfort level that you’ll reach in your home. When you’re ready for a window replacement, consider our services. We’ve been providing the area around North Wales, PA with quality window repair and replacement as well as other home improvement services. Contact us today for an estimate. 

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