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When to Replace Your Windows

Replacing your windows can be an investment. However, did you know that replacing your old windows could save you money, keep your home safer, and increase the value of your home? No matter which of these warning signs you are experiencing, replacing your windows will leave your home more efficient and save you the headache in the future! Here are signs that your windows need to be replaced.

Is Your Money Going Out the Window?

Are your energy bills continuing to increase each month? This is a sign you should look into replacing your windows. Due to the older technology of windows, the energy efficiency of windows has significantly decreased. Therefore, your windows are not functioning as they should be. Energy savings means money savings for you in the long run.

Are Your Windows Harder to Clean?

Floggy Windows

Do your windows consistently look foggy? Have you tried to clean off that fog by scrubbing it? Unfortunately, there is no amount of Windex that will clear that fog. This is telling us that the spacer system in your windows has failed. The fog you are seeing is condensation and moisture building up between the window pane. This occurs because the insulating gas between your window panes has leaked out, allowing the moisture to build up on the window. Like several other warning signs, this is causing your window to be less energy efficient.

Do You Feel a Draft When Your Window is Closed?

Spacer System Failure

If you are feeling a breeze coming through your windows, when they are closed, this is a strong sign that your windows are in need of replacing. There are several reasons you are feeling a draft through your closed windows, but most likely this is indicating that your window is poorly insulated.

You should be able to effortlessly open and close the windows in your home. What good is a window if it cannot be opened to let in a fresh breeze? If your windows do not operate as they should, most likely they were installed correctly. If your windows are older, they inside channels may have started to rust or rot, also making them difficult to open and close. When your windows are not functioning properly, that most likely means that they will not be able to lock properly, which is also creating a safety issue for you and your family. If your windows are not able to operate properly or get stuck when trying to open or close them, it is time to replace your windows.

Are You Hearing Outside Noise Inside?

Does it sound like your neighbor’s dog is barking inside your house? Outside noise that can be easily heard in the inside of your home is a sign that your windows need to be replaced. The inside operations of your window could be causing noise to amplify. Your windows also might have not been sealed correctly during the point of installation.

Wood Chipping on the Exterior of Your Windows?

Wood that is chipping around the exterior frame, could be causing more issues than just being aesthetically displeasing. Any exposed wood around the outside of your window or chipping of paint, is a sign that your windows were not capped correctly. Capping windows is extremely important when it comes to protecting the windows themselves. When your windows are not protected by the proper capping, water could penetrate into the wood, and into your home. Unnecessary water penetrating the wood around your windows could lead to wood rot, which is something no one wants anywhere on their home!

Wood Chipped Window

Is the Color of Your Furniture or Carpets Starting to Fade?

If you have single pane glass windows, there is little to no protection from UV rays coming into your home through the window. The strong UV rays from the sun pouring in through your windows is what is causing your furniture or carpet areas to fade.

Are Your Windows Outdated/Unsightly?

Everyone deserves to pull into their driveway and be proud of their home! Replacing your old windows with brand new, efficient windows will increase the curb appeal of your home. We have a large variety of customization options for your new windows with different styles and color options.

The Reason To Choose Volpe to Replace Your Windows

Educating yourself on the warning signs of failing windows is the first step. Now that you are ready to replace your windows, here are the reasons you should choose Volpe. Window efficiency is only as good as the installation process. To eliminate all of your current window issues and experience the benefits of what new windows will bring to your home, the installation process needs to be done right. Here at Volpe, our window experts will work in two-man crews to eliminate the amount of foot traffic in your home. Our two-man crews work efficiently and install one window per hour! From vinyl windows to wood, casement to bay windows, we carry a variety of window styles from top-rated manufacturers.

We are ready to help you replace your windows! Contact us to learn more about the window options that we offer.

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