Exploring Deck Styles: From Platforms to Rooftop Retreats

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Are you thinking of adding a deck to your home? Installing a deck is a great way to add value to your home and create an extra space to enjoy! A well-built deck can transform your backyard and make it a welcoming place to invite family and friends.

What kind of deck should you add? There are many different deck styles. This guide covers some of the most popular styles of decks. Read on to get some great deck-style ideas!

Simple Platform Deck

A simple platform deck is a basic style of deck. Typically, it is not attached to your home. A simple platform is not too complicated to build and is usually just a few inches off the ground with low footings for support. This style of deck can be any size and is often more affordable than other styles of deck.

Attached Deck

An attached deck, also called a ledger deck, is connected to the house. This type of deck requires cutting into the siding on the home to place the ledger board. The deck gets support from the ledger board as well as additional footings. An attached deck can be more affordable since it uses support from the home and fewer materials to build.

Floating Deck

A floating deck is also known as a freestanding deck or ground-level deck. A floating deck is a very basic platform without any footings. It simply sits on top of the ground and is not attached to anything. It is called a floating deck because it appears to “float” on two or more sides. Since this type of deck is not a permanently placed structure, it can be moved. It also may not require a building permit.

Multi-Tier Deck

Multi-tier decks are the most luxurious style of backyard deck. These decks can be attached or detached. A multi-tier deck gives your backyard an attractive and unique space to relax and enjoy. This style of deck allows you to have multiple separate spaces, such as a cooking space and a sitting space, or an entertainment space.

Wraparound Deck

Wraparound decks are decks that go around two or more sides of a home. They can even go all the way around! Wraparound decks are very beautiful and add a lot of value to a home. They are perfect for hosting barbeques, parties, and just relaxing with your family and friends.

Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks are decks that are located on the roof of a building. This style of deck is typically more popular in urban areas. These decks are a bit more complicated to build than more traditional styles of decks.When you are on a rooftop deck, you can usually see far and wide. You and your guests will have an amazing view of the surrounding city when you throw a party. 

Deck Style Ideas in Pennsylvania

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