Spring is coming, and as such, plenty of homeowners want to open their windows to enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes, though, the open windows don’t stay that way. If your window won’t stay up, fixing the issue is usually a simple process. Instead of propping your window open with a broom handle or bit of wood, follow the steps below to learn how to fix a window that won’t stay up.

Common Window Issues

Single and double-hung windows open vertically, and to do so, they have pieces designed to keep the moving part of the window in place.

To assess and fix dropping windows, you need to be aware of a few window components: the sash, the frame, the jambs, and the balancing mechanisms.

The frame is easy. It’s the outer border of the window that keeps all the pieces together and anchors the window unit into the wall. The sash is the panes of glass in the window, one of which will move up and down, and the jambs are the vertical “grooves” that keep the sash from falling out of the frame. The balancing mechanisms enable the sash to move and stay in one position when the window is opened to the desired degree.

When windows continuously fall closed, the culprit is usually the balancing mechanisms. One or more of these components have been damaged or gotten disconnected.

How to Fix Your Windows

To repair faulty balance mechanisms so that your windows will stay open, examine the window jambs to determine whether your balance “shoes” have migrated to the bottom of your casing.

Your windows will also have a tilt pin, which is located in the balance mechanism. Unlocking this pin will enable the window sash to tilt out in order to enable cleaning and repair. The appearance of the pins will vary from model to model, so if you have trouble locating yours, look up the model online.

Unlock your tilt pin. If your pins have been locked for quite some time, you might need to use a flathead screwdriver to unlock them.

When you have the pins unlocked, reposition the balance mechanism so that it sits in the right position again. Once your balance shoe is in the right place again, move the window sash back into the frame. Lock the tilt pins and realign the window sash and balance mechanism again.

You might need to tap or push the window into alignment. You’ll hear a pop when the balance and sash are aligned. When everything is secured in place, you should be able to open and close your window without the sash dropping.

If your window balance happens to be broken when you examine or try to move it, you’ll need to replace it with a new mechanism. After installing new balance mechanisms, repeat the alignment steps and you should be able to work your window without any dropping.

Should you still experience window dropping, reach out to Volpe Enterprises to book an appointment with one of our experienced repair technicians. Our team will repair your window components so that your units open, close, and stay in position as they’re intended.