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It’s no secret that winter weather can cause issues with your roof. Metal roofs have a unique problem called roof avalanches. When snow accumulates on a metal roof, it has a tendency to slide off all at once, causing, well, an avalanche. Combine that with an ice dam, and the result is a heavy, dangerous sheet of snow and ice. Roof avalanches can ruin skylights, tear off gutters, damage cars in your driveway, and injure anyone who happens to get caught under the falling snow.

To avoid roof avalanches, snow guards, also known as snow breaks or snow stops, help break up snow as it slides off the roof so that the snow doesn’t all release at the same time. 

What is a Snow Guard? 

A snow guard is a piece of fashioned metal that helps reduce the size and amount of snow that comes off a roof at one time. While they are mostly used on metal roofs, they also are used on some slate roofs and can be used on an asphalt roof with a steep pitch.  

Are Snow Guards Worth It? 

Snow guards are a necessity if you have a metal roof and live in an area that gets snow.  They’re not as necessary on asphalt roofs, but they may be recommended if the pitch of your roof is steep enough.

While we don’t get a significant amount of snow in Southeastern Pennsylvania, there’s enough chance for heavy snowfall to make snow guards worth it. However, if you live in another part of the country, such as the south or western United States, you may not have to worry about them.  

What are Snow Stops for Metal Roofs?

Snow guards are also known in some areas as snow stops or snow breaks. Basically, the premise is the same. Snow stops break up the snow so that it doesn’t all avalanche off your roof simultaneously, causing damage to your gutters, vehicles, and anyone or anything else in the general area.
Volpe Enterprises, Inc. installs snow guards on their metal roofs.  For more questions or information about snow guard, contact us.

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