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The Complete Guide to Roof Damage: Causes, Prevention, Fixes

Did you know that there are more than 2,600 professional roofers within the state of Pennsylvania? This number may sound like a lot, but it’s small in comparison to how much roof damage occurs in a given year. Statistically, you would expect your roof to get damaged sooner rather than later. Yet you shouldn’t sit around and wait for your roof to fall in. 

What causes roof damage? How can you prevent common roof problems? What steps should you take if your home suffers roof damage? 

We have answers to these questions. Follow our advice and you can have an intact and sturdy roof for years to come. Here is your quick guide.

Causes of Roof Damage

When people think of roof damage and roof issues, they often think of trees falling on homes. While, a tree can fall on your roof and damage it. Roof damage can be more subtle than that. If you have shingles on your roof, the adhesive can wear off, causing them to curl. 

Or water can get trapped underneath your shingles and your roof flashing. This can cause your shingles to curl, or they can fall off your roof entirely. If your shingles are uneven, water may be breaking them down, or your flashing may be misaligned. 

Heat and ultraviolet rays can damage your roof as much as water. UV rays can discolor your roof, making it paler than it should be. 

Damage to other parts of your home can affect your roof. Cracks in your foundation can cause your home to shift, which can lead to roof problems. Damage to your walls can cause your roof to sag and eventually collapse.

Now, let’s look at ways to help prevent roof damage.

Ways to Prevent Damage

There is only so much you can do to prevent roof issues. Yet there are a few steps that each homeowner should take to protect their roof.

Remove Nearby Branches

A tree near your home can protect your roof from UV rays. However, a branch can fall at any time and punch a hole through your roof. 

You should prune any branches that are within a foot of your roof. You should also monitor your trees to see if there is any decaying or dying. If you notice a dead tree, remove it as soon as possible, as it can fall on your roof and cause significant damage to your home. 

Sticks can scrape your roofing materials and knock the paint off your roof. You should go on your roof and remove any fallen sticks or leaves, and make sure to clean your gutters so they don’t fill with debris.

Maintain Your Roof

You should inspect your roof and perform basic roof maintenance every season, taking extra care to winterize your roof in the fall.

The older your roof is, the more frequently you should have inspections. If you’re worried about climbing on your roof, you can ask a roof care professional to perform the inspection. 

Take a close look at the shape and size of your shingles. If they are warped or cracked, buy new shingles and replace the old ones. You should also fix the adhesive so the shingles stick on your roof. 

Be mindful of mold and mildew, which can damage your shingles and spread throughout your house. 

What if damage has already occurred? Let’s review possible solutions to those issues.

Fixes for Damage

Don’t panic if your roof shows signs of damage. You can take steps to fix the damage and protect your house.

Fill in Leaks

Water may enter your house through the corner boards or walls. You can fill in small holes in your roof, especially ones near your roof vents and flashing. You can add new material around your vents and install new pieces of flashing. Try to buy the same brands you’ve bought previously, as they are more likely to fit your existing roof materials. 

You should replace the caulking between your corner boards and on your walls just to be safe. You should always remove any material that is rotten or moldy. 

Select Strong Materials

If you are getting a roof replacement, you should examine and understand the many different roof material types. Metal roofs tend to be stronger than wood roofs and roofs with shingles. They are also 50% lighter than asphalt roofs, so you can put a metal roof on a home with a weak foundation.

A metal roof can be made of aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc. Aluminum resists corrosion, making it a good choice for a roof that is exposed to the elements. 

If you don’t like the appearance of metal, you can select ceramic tiles. These tiles complement bricks well, making them a good choice for a brick house.

Call Professionals

If you have a major leak or damage to your roof, you should hire a roofing company to perform an inspection and to repair any damages. 

Based on your roofing inspection, the company may be able to patch the holes and add new material to the roof instead of a full roof replacement. 

If a roof replacement is needed it can take some time, but you will have a stronger roof, and you can gain a deeper understanding about roof care. 

The Essentials of Roof Damage

Roof damage isn’t permanent and doesn’t have to wear your home down. There are solutions to roof problems. Debris can fall on your roof and damage it, but the elements are more likely to cause extensive damage, especially to an older home. 

You should remove any objects that can fall or have fallen on your roof. If a roof replacement is needed, educate yourself and learn about installing sturdy materials. But utilize the professionals for inspections and your roof problems. They can provide answers.Our roofers are ready to fix your damage. Volpe Enterprises serves the North Wales area. Get an estimate today.

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