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Are you excited about your new siding installation? We are. Siding installation adds value to your home, increases energy efficiency, and can change the whole appearance of your home’s exterior. A little nervous? We’ll walk you through the various stages of the siding installation process. 

Once we’ve set a date, we’ll start with a pre-installation inspection, where we’ll make some additional measurements, take photos, and make notes. Your siding job will be unique to your home, so we want to make sure that we’re ready for the day to make your home look its best. 

The timeframe of the project largely depends on how large your home is, but in general, siding can take several days to complete.  You shouldn’t worry, though. We’ll be mindful of your home, protecting it from weather and debris until completion. 

Preparing your Home for Siding Installation

Want to assist us in making your siding installation project as smooth as possible? There are a few things you can do before your scheduled date.

Inside your home, you may want to remove any wall hangings, mirrors, objects on shelves, or other valuables from your exterior walls. The walls may vibrate from the siding removal and installation process. 

Trim or tie back trees and shrubs near your home so that we can get access to your siding. Now is a perfect excuse to cut down that old bush that you’ve been thinking of removing.

Worried about loose nails? Cutting your grass before the day of your installation makes it easier to clear the area. 

We’ll let you know if we’re using a dump truck or a dumpster. We may want to park it in your driveway, so keeping your driveway clear is helpful. 

The Siding Installation Process

First, we’ll put down tarping to protect any plants or shrubbery. Then we’ll begin demolition. 

Once the old siding is removed, we’ll inspect the exterior walls.  If there is any damage, we’ll make any repairs or replace rotten wood to ensure that the new siding can be installed correctly. We’ll also add insulation at that time if it’s needed. First, though, the project manager will go over the repairs with you and explain any additional costs for plywood or insulation. 

After the exterior walls are inspected and repaired if necessary, we’ll cover the exterior walls with house wrap. Installing housewrap reduces the amount of moisture that can get behind your siding and cause problems with mold. We’ll make sure the area is properly taped and flashed. We’ll also cap any windows and doors at this time. 

With the housewrap secure, it’s time to install the actual siding. We’ll install starter strips and then start the actual siding installation. 

Once we’ve completed the siding installation process, we’ll clean your yard of any materials or debris. We use a specialized tool to pick up any dropped nails or screws. 

Siding Installation

You’ll be enjoying the new look of your home before you know it. Your project manager will keep you updated along the way and ensure that you know exactly what is happening with the project.

Having a professional install your siding is a smooth, easy process. Using a company like Volpe Enterprises, Inc. to install your siding means that you’ll be able to reduce stress, save time, and have confidence in the quality and long-term performance of your new siding. 

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