Light vs. Dark Shingles

If you’re thinking about replacing your old roof with a new one, one thing to consider is the color of the shingles you wish to install on your home. Depending on where you live, choosing a darker or lighter shade of shingle might be more efficient and effective at heating or cooling your house. Here’s what you need to know about selecting a lighter or darker shingle. 

Are Light or Dark Shingles Better?

This question is a complicated one, especially in Southeastern Pennsylvania, where we have hot summers and cold winters.  

Dark shingles tend to hold heat, making them helpful in areas with cool temperatures, while light shingles tend to reflect heat, making them helpful in areas where the goal is to cool a home. 

In an area like Pennsylvania, it doesn’t matter much if you opt for the benefit of having dark shingles in the winter or light shingles in the summer. Insulation and ventilation actually play a bigger factor in how well your roof handles heat or cold temperatures than your shingles. 

Do Dark Shingles Wear Out Faster than Light Shingles?

Dark shingles have a bad reputation for wearing out quicker than light shingles. The theory is that because dark shingles hold onto more heat, they wear out quicker than lighter-colored shingles due to the extra UV exposure. GAF has debunked the myth, saying that testing is impossible and that the real problem is lack of proper ventilation, not UV exposure.

Does It Matter If You Have Light or Dark Shingles?

In some climates, like Texas or Wisconsin, shingle color certainly helps keep a home cooler or warmer. For Pennsylvania, however, you’re free to choose your favorite color of shingles.

Ready to have new shingles put on your home? Reach out to Volpe Enterprises, Inc. Concerned about energy loss in your home? You may want to consider blown-in insulation. 

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