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A door frame is a framework that holds up and supports a door. Framing a door is creating the door frame in an open doorway. Framing a door is fairly inexpensive and simple to do. This guide covers what materials you need and a step-by-step guide on how to frame a door.

What You Need

There are a few materials needed to frame a door. The supplies you need are listed below:

  • Lumber
  • Nails
  • Hammer or Nail Gun
  • Saw or Circular Saw
  • Level
  • Measuring Tape
  • Additional tools for hanging the door, like screws and a screwdriver

How to Frame a Door

There are several steps to framing a door. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to frame a door.

Step 1: Choose Your Lumber

The first thing you must do is choose your lumber. Choose a kind of wood that is strong and also suits your tastes. Some common woods for door frames are Pine, Alder, Birch, Fir, Mahogany, Teak, or Oak.

Step 2: Cut the Top Plate

Next, you must cut your top plate. Measure carefully before cutting. Use your saw to cut the top plate as wide as the door opening. The top plate will be nailed to the ceiling joists.

Step 3: Cut the Sole Plate

The next step is cutting the sole plate, also known as the sill. The sole plate is the bottom member of the door frame. It will be nailed to the floor joists.

Step 4: Cut Your King Studs

Then, you will cut your king studs. Studs are boards that are placed upright along the sides of the frame. The king studs will run from the top plate to the bottom plate. Measure carefully to make sure they are long enough before cutting.

Step 5: Cut Your Jack Studs

Now it is time to cut your jack studs. The jack studs will support the header. They are shorter than the king studs. They will be attached to the king studs. You will nail these in place on the king studs.

Step 6: Cut the Door Header

Then, you will cut your door header. The door header is the top part of the door frame. You will cut 2 four fours to the same length as the door opening. These will be nailed together.

Step 7: Put it All Together

Now, you’ll put all the different parts of the frame together. First, nail the top plate in place. Then, nail the sole plate in place at the bottom. Nail the king studs in place, making sure to drive the nails at an angle. Then nail the jack studs to the king studs.

Next, take the 2 four fours and create your header above the door. Now cut 1 or 2 cripple studs. They will need to fit between the header and the top plate. Lastly, saw through the boards that create the sole plate, and remove it.

Framing a Door in Your Home

Framing a door in your home is a simple and straightforward job. Follow the steps laid out in this guide, and you should be able to create a frame for your door in no time.

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