How Do I Keep Squirrels Out Of My Gutters And Off My Roof?

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If you have trees on your property, you probably also have squirrels. Whether you think of them as amusing animals or highly annoying, destructive rodents usually depends on your experiences with them. Squirrels may be cute little creatures that run up your trees and gather acorns, but they also can get into trouble quickly. They’re known to feed off bird feeders and chew through outdoor objects. If they can get access, squirrels can get into your gutters, gutter guards, roofs, and even attic.

How Do Squirrels Get Into My Gutter?

Squirrels can get into your gutters by climbing trees and scaling your downspout. They can also climb some brick and stone exterior walls. They want to find a place to nest and, in the winter, may be drawn to the heat coming off your roof.

How Do I Keep Squirrels Out Of My Gutter?

Mothballs are supposed to be a good way to keep squirrels out of your gutter guards, but the easiest way is to keep your gutters clean. Dirty gutters can be a perfect nesting spot, complete with pre-collected leaves, acorns, seeds, and other tree debris.

If you can’t handle cleaning your gutters yourself, consider professional gutter cleaning. Your gutter cleaner can also let you know if he found signs of a squirrel infestation while cleaning your gutters.

Second, invest in quality gutter guards. Simple screens may not be enough to keep a squirrel out of your gutter. While gutter guards aren’t necessarily built to keep squirrels out, they do keep debris out. Leaf Relief gutter guards are designed to keep even pine needles from getting into your gutters.

How Do I Keep Squirrels Off My Roof?

Having a tree next to your roof is an easy access point for squirrels, so you want to trim your trees and keep branches away from your roof.

Keeping your trees trimmed so they don’t overhang your roof is just good sense. It not only keeps squirrels off your roof, it also keeps branches from breaking and falling off your roof, which can damage your shingles.

Unfortunately, squirrels can also scale some brick and will climb downspouts, so removing your tree may not be enough to keep them out of your gutters and off your roof.

Leaks are usually signs of roof wear and tear, but they can also be signs of squirrel damage.

What Do I Do If Squirrels Are In My Attic?

If you have squirrels in your attic, the most obvious step is to have the soffit, facia, or gutter replaced. However, before you can have repairs completed, you’ll need to have your squirrel family removed if they’ve taken up residence inside your home. Contact a squirrel control company to remove your squirrels Then contact your roofing company to seal up any damage so that new squirrels can’t be inspired to find their way inside.

Keeping Squirrels Away From Your Attic

Keeping squirrels away from your home is the best way to avoid the inconvenience of having squirrels in your attic. If you follow the best practices for the care of your gutters and roofs, it will lessen the problems that you may have with critters.

Volpe Enterprises, Inc. will help keep your roof and attic safe. We’ve seen a lot in our 50+ years in the roofing industry. If you have squirrel damage, we can repair or replace your soffit, fascia, roof, and gutters. Contact us.

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