Kitchen Island Ideas: Inventive Ways to Incorporate One into Your Kitchen Design

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Kitchen islands are the centerpiece of a kitchen. Sometimes, it can make or break the look of a kitchen. When incorporating an island into a kitchen, you not only have to ensure it looks great and fits well in the space, but that it enhances the functionality of your kitchen. Hitting all of these checkmarks at once can be an essential, yet sometimes difficult task. Here are few tips on how to incorporate the kitchen island of your dreams.

Don’t Be Limited by Traditional Islands

Break away from the typical and let your creative mind craft the best kitchen islands. Ideas don’t have to be “normal.” It doesn’t have to be square or rectangular. It doesn’t have to be completely solid. It doesn’t have to be exclusively one material. Your island can be whatever shape works best for you and your kitchen.

Do you want there to be a booth attached to your island for convenience or entertaining guests? By all means, if it looks good and works well in your space, do it!

Give Your Kitchen Island Some Storage Space

It seems simple, but some of the best and most unique kitchen island ideas stem from wanting equal parts functionality and decor. In a kitchen, space is essential no matter the size.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially with a small kitchen. Island ideas for the culinary labs on the smaller side don’t have to be boring. View a small kitchen as the ultimate opportunity to make the best use of your space. Think of different ways you could incorporate something like a cabinet, wine rack, or utensil holder into an island.

Don’t Neglect Decor

It doesn’t stop with the makeup of the island itself. Having a perfectly constructed island can be negated if it’s entirely bare. Give a splash of life to your kitchen island! Decor ideas can range tremendously. From something simple like a vase or basket of fruit to something more creative and atypical, like a chalkboard with this week’s menu on it, don’t be afraid to spice things up!

Spotlight It with Lighting

Much like decor, lighting is an indirect aspect of a kitchen island that is equally important. Good lighting can act like a spotlight for your creative genius, but don’t let the lights steal the show from your island. Remember, it’s your centerpiece!

When doing lights above or around an island, think of them as accessories. Creating an ambiance that matches the rest of your kitchen and accentuates your design choices. Make sleek design choices that don’t take up all of the attention.

Get Help from the Pros!

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Whether it’s remodeling your current kitchen island or adding one in for the first time, Volpe Enterprises has your back. Get a free quote today and get started on making your remodeling journey a breeze!

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