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Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

When remodeling your kitchen, you want to ensure that you are striking a balance between your personal preferences, utility, and the current design trends. While remodeling your kitchen every year may be a bit much — and not to mention expensive — if you are looking to update it this year, you’ll want to know what kitchen design trends 2023 has to offer.

With so many different types of trends, we expect you won’t be disappointed, and will find something that suits your dream kitchen perfectly. So, let’s jump right into the question of the day: what are the latest trends in kitchen design?

Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

Now, without further ado, here are some of the hottest kitchen design trends this year!

Extended Kitchens

Up first in kitchen design trends for this year, we have the extended kitchen trend. This kitchen trend takes the “open-concept kitchen” idea and extends its reach even further. With so many homes offering open floor plans, this trend has really risen over the years as one of the most widely used. This is because the kitchen is typically no longer confined to a specific room. Instead, it can encompass other spaces, like dining areas, pantries, mud rooms, and even half-baths.

So, when you are designing a kitchen today, it usually involves updating more than just the kitchen itself. It is crucial to ensure that your space does not feel like one giant kitchen, but the spaces flow together seamlessly, so the transition between the kitchen and dining room is not startling.

Traditional Touches

The modern and minimalist styles are still booming this year, but many of us have come to yearn for a touch of familiarity. So rather than opting for clean, sleek lines, brand-new cabinetry, and kitchen furniture, 2023 will see a push for incorporating old designs in the kitchen. According to Pinterest Predicts, 2023 will be seeing a lot of vintage pieces and creative ways to honor old stuff at home. Whether this means hand-me-down furniture, appliances, or even using vintage cabinetry and finishings in the kitchen, expect to see a lot more “old fashioned” in kitchens this year.

Natural Light

The push towards natural lighting and combining indoor and outdoor spaces has steadily gained ground over the past few years, and 2023 will be no different. We expect to see more (or larger) windows incorporated into many areas of the house. Still, a warm, well-lit, and welcoming kitchen full of beautiful daylight is definitely at the top of many people’s remodeling lists!

Contrasting Hardware

Another trend that we expect to see more of in 2023 is the use of contrasting elements in the kitchen. The easiest (and most common) way to do this is to use hardware that is either a different material, color, or finish than your cabinetry. So, if you are looking to update your kitchen but can’t necessarily fully remodel it, changing out your cabinet hardware to something overstated or contrasting can be a great way to embrace the 2023 trends!

Mixing Metals

The days of matching metals are quickly coming to an end. You no longer need to worry about finding hardware, appliances, and utensils that all look identical. Instead, using different metals gives the space a more welcoming and visually inviting look. After all, while matching is great, it can give your space a very one-dimensional look. Mixing your finishes offers a more visually diverse and rich appearance — and, well, who doesn’t want that?

Hidden Storage and Appliances

The COVID-19 pandemic affected our lives in many ways, but one unexpected way was how so many of us got into cooking, baking, and enjoying food at home. While these are all great things, it has left many of us in need of more storage space in small or already-crowded kitchens.

Luckily, this has made way for one of our favorite 2023 kitchen trends — hidden storage and appliance spaces. We love this trend because it allows us to have more things in our kitchen without it looking like a mess! Today, there are so many DIY and professional remedies and organization ideas for making more space in your kitchen to help you use every little nook and corner of your kitchen more efficiently, so you don’t end up with appliances all over your counters.

Butler’s Pantry or Scullery

Another 2023 trend, that speaks to the storage problem many of us have run into over the past few years. is the rise of secondary kitchen storage. Typically, these storage spaces are located behind a door in the kitchen — like where a walk-in pantry would be. But, if you really want to embrace this trend, you can convert that walk-in to a butler’s pantry or scullery.

These rooms offer more space for kitchen storage, prep space, and even additional appliances. If you really want to go the extra mile with this one, you can even conceal the room behind some special cabinetry, which is a trick that kids and adults will both love. After all, who doesn’t want a secret room somewhere in their home?

Sustainable Materials

Another popular one in the 2023 kitchen design trends is using sustainable materials. Many people appreciate the appearance of natural materials — like stone, wood, and steel — and their durability and resilience. These materials are made to last, and they can provide the perfect accent to your kitchen.

Additionally, with more focus on sustainability worldwide, many people are thinking more about where their materials come from, whether or not they are recycled, and how they can be best repaired or repurposed if needed. So, expect to see far fewer man-made materials in the kitchen in 2023 and a strong focus on sustainability and durability.

Dedicated Drink Spaces

Another one of our favorite trends in kitchen design for 2023 is the dedicated drink station. Whether you are a fan of making cocktails or love delicious hot beverages — like coffee and tea — this is the trend for you.

Dedicating a part of your kitchen to being a drink station creates an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere that will have you and your guests spending more time relaxing and enjoying a delicious drink and the smaller things in life. With so much going on in the world around us, we think we could all use as much of this time to slow down as possible!

Bold Colors

Another trend this year that goes against the rise of minimalism and modernist styling we’ve seen over the past few years is using colors in the kitchen. So say goodbye to the black and white and say hello to beautiful blues and greens or sunny yellows. Many of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not make the space something that makes us smile?


Whether you’re looking to fully remodel your kitchen or simply looking for things you can do to refresh your space, we hope that these 2023 kitchen design trends have given you the inspiration you need to finally get working on that kitchen update!

We realize that remodeling your kitchen on your own can be extremely stressful and time-consuming, so if you are thinking about remodeling, talk to us at Volpe Enterprises, Inc. to get started planning your kitchen remodel!

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