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January is the time of year when everyone releases their home remodeling trends for the New Year. This year is no different, although there’s some disagreement between sources who are predicting everything from neutrals to bold colors.  There are some similarities, such as the coffee bar.  So, without further ado, here’s Volpe Enterprise, Inc.’s take on the 2024 kitchen trends. 

Whites Will Shift to Browns, Woods, and Neutrals

All-white kitchens have been the rage for some time now, but we’ll start to see browns come into the kitchen for a more subdued, neutral pattern.  Look for a return to wooden cabinets, although heavy, dark cabinets are still a thing of the past. Instead, lighter woods will function as neutrals.

The Dedicated Beverage Station

Coffee drinking has come a long way from a single percolator. From a simple stand for a Keurig to a full, built-in espresso bar, beverage counters are here to stay. Under-counter refrigerators keep everything from creamer to bottles of wine chilled. 

Decorative Range Hoods

Range hoods are predicted to be a big, bold statement in the kitchen. They’ll become decorative focal points to your kitchen and will be available in a wide variety of styles for every taste.

More Functional Islands

Islands are being asked to do more in the kitchen. With more storage than ever, the kitchen island is getting a makeover. One of the most popular elements on an island continues to be a sink. Extra kitchen seating around the island is still on-trend, with legs being added to one-half the island for barstools or high seating to push in. 

Technology Will Play A Bigger Role… Or Not.

We’ve already seen kitchens become smarter with no-touch faucets and app-controlled devices. But designers are split between technology becoming even more important or that it’s reached a plateau and homeowners will opt for less technological features in the New Year. The biggest new trend in technology right now? Smart refrigerators that have a battery backup and have AI that can recognize foods, help make a list, and even reorder groceries. 

Kitchen Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Will browns finally overtake the all-white kitchen? Will technology fade, or will it continue to redefine the way we plan, prepare, and reorder food? 

We’ll revisit this list in the middle of 2024 to see if the predicted trends come true. In the meantime, consider a kitchen remodel as part of your 2024 Homeowner’s  New Year’s Resolution. 

Volpe Enterprises, Inc. is there for your 2024 kitchen design needs. Let’s have a conversation about the vision for your kitchen remodel today. 





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